Presents The 18th Annual

 Taos Storytelling Festival

Friday and Saturday, October 13-14, 2017


Andy Offutt Irwin • Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer • Cisco Guevara • James Navé

Our theme is Generosity. 

Find out all you need to know The Taos Storytelling Festival in this 7-minute conversation James Navé and Michael Dean had at KTAO Radio Station to promote The Taos Storytelling Festival coming up this weekend, October 13-14, 2017. It's a happy off-the-cuff conversation, live and on-air. Tell your friend; bring your family. Spread the word. 


Welcome. Thank you for your interest in The Taos Storytelling Festival. We appreciate your support. Make your plans now to attend the 18th annual Taos Storytelling Festival, Friday and Saturday, October 13-14, 2017 in beautiful downtown Taos.  Spread the word. Invite your friend. Partial proceeds will help fund the SOMOS Young Writer's Program.  

Take a look last year's highlights of the 2016 Taos Storytelling Festival: 


Join us and give a big welcome to our 2017 storytellers:

Andy Offutt Irwin • Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer • Cisco Guevara


With a silly putty voice, hilarious heart-filled stories, and amazing mouth noises (arguably, the greatest whistler in the world) one-person-showman, Andy Offutt Irwin, is equal parts mischievous schoolboy and the Marx Brothers, peppered with a touch of the Southern balladeer. One of the most sought after performing storytellers in the United States, Andy is especially known for relating the adventures of his eighty-five-year-old-widowed-newly-minted-physician-aunt, Marguerite Van Camp, a woman who avoids curmudgeonship by keeping her finger on the pulse of the changing world around her as she seeks to grow – even at her advanced age – in the New South.  Marguerite steps lively through this existence, loving as many people as she can.

October of 2015 marked Andy’s sixth year as a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival. He has appeared ten times as Teller in Residence at International Storytelling Center. Among other gigs, Andy has been a Guest Artist at La Guardia High School of Art, Music, and Performing Arts in New York (The “FAME!” School); he has been a Keynote Speaker/Performer at the Library of Congress-Virburnum Foundation Conference on Family Literacy; a Guest Writer Performer with the Georgia Tech Glee Club; and a guest composer with the Amherst College Men’s Double Quartet.

Andy has held a few almost-real-jobs that include: Artist-In-Residence in Theatre at Emory University’s Oxford College from 1991 to 2007. (He continues serving at Oxford from time-to-time as Artist-in-Just-Passing-Through). A very long time ago Andy spent five years as a performer, writer, and director for SAK Theatre at Walt Disney World. Andy is the recipient of many awards, but he is tickled as can be to have received the Oracle 2013 Circle of Excellence from the National Storytelling Network.

Watch Andy delight his fans. 


Storyteller and poet Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer lives in Southwest Colorado. Her work has appeared in O Magazine, on A Prairie Home Companion, in back alleys and in her children’s lunchboxes. Her collections include The Less I Hold, The Miracle Already Happening: Everyday life with Rumi, Intimate Landscape and Holding Three Things at Once (Colorado Book Award finalist). She’s taught poetry, writing, and storytelling for Think 360, The Aesthetic Education Institute of Colorado, Ah Haa School for the Arts, Weehawken Arts, and Camp Coca Cola and dozens of libraries, schools and businesses. She served as San Miguel County’s first poet laureate and directed the Telluride Writers Guild for 10 years. She performs with Telluride’s seven-woman a cappella group "Heartbeat,"  and sings nightly for her children. She works as a parent educator for Parents as Teachers, and since 2004, she has maintained a poem-a-day practice. Favorite one-word mantra: Adjust.  

Watch Rosemerry's TEDx talk titled The Art of Changing Metaphors


Francisco “Cisco” Guevara, a local favorite who has performed in past several festivals, will also grace the TCA stage. He guides whitewater raft trips on the Rio Grande and regales his adventurous passengers with stories of the wild. Cisco is a multi-generational New Mexican who came to Taos, he says, on the day he was born. Cisco draws his stories, from his Hispanic and Indian heritage. Cisco has a profound historical understanding of his beloved New Mexico. Yes, his stories are outrageously true. He knows which trail the bandits followed when they buried their loot in 1897. Some say he understands the language of the beaver, the mountain lion, and the famous dipper bird which walks under water.  Cisco is a natural on the storytelling stage. We are fortunate to have Cisco with us again. Enjoy your journey down the rivers of his stories. Why is the Rio Grande one of America's most important rivers?

Watch Cicso tells stories while he rows his boat down the stream. 

This is a radio interview (below) between James Navé and Cisco Guevara. It will air this weekend (10/13-15) on WPVMFM 103.7 in Asheville and online all over the world.  Click the link and listen to all or part, perfect for streaming. It's an hour long.   


James Navé, Festival Director

James Navé is the Director of The Taos Storytelling Festival. He is one of the pioneers of the spoken word movement. He cofounded Poetry Alive!, a theater company which has performed poetry for over 10 million K–12 students around the globe. With Julia Cameron, he co-Founded and directed The Artist’s Way Creativity Camp, 1995-2004. For 25 years he has taught writing, performance, and creativity on 5 continents; he has designed and facilitated executive creativity sessions for clients such as Timex, Pepsi, the National University of Ireland, Galway, North Carolina Outward Bound, Gettliffe Architecture, Create to Heal, and LKB Associates, Paris. 

An Asheville native, Navé holds an MFA in Poetry from Vermont College Fine Arts. He has been the LEAF Poetry Slam Master since the festival began in 1995. He is the Director of the Taos Storytelling Festival and the Director of the Taos Poetry Festival. He is also co-Founder of Twice-5-Miles, a creative think tank.

Navé was interviewed by Jacki Lyden for NPR’s Weekend Edition in 2011 where he told the story of how he confronted his big mento mori ("remember your mortality") moment the best way he knew how — vowing to write a poem a day for the hundred days following his cancer surgery. 

He is also the host and producer of Twice-5-Miles Radio for Asheville’s WPVM 103.7. Navé goes the metaphorical Twice-5-Miles to find stories and create conversations about culture, art, education, business, politics, and literature.